Sunday, 15 May 2011

Why start a blog?

The purpose of this blog is to air my thoughts and feelings concerning teaching maths in HE and all the associated activities and projects that I am involved in.

This week, apart from marking exam papers and projects, I've been putting in abstracts for various conferences. There are three Teaching and Learning conferences at the University of Greenwich this July and I have submitted abstracts on our Maths Cafe and our Mentoring Scheme for the one on Redefining the Student Experience: Directions for learning, teaching and assessment. I am also preparing an abstract for the MSOR-CETL conference in September.

Alongside this I am busy sorting out the arrangements for our first end of year showcase called Greenwich Maths Talent 2011 (GMT2011). We have invited second and third year University of Greenwich maths students, people from professional bodies, alumni and various employers. Professor Tom Barnes (our Pro VC) has agreed to open the event and many of our students' final year project and placement reports will be on display.

This coming week we are hosting Peter Rowlett's workshop on Developing Graduate Skills in HE at Greenwich. This promises to be a very useful time for sharing good practise and discussing new ways to help improve the employability of our students. In the evening there is the annual Gresham College/LMS lecture which I am planning to attend.

It looks like being another busy week!

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